billy ray cyrus miley cyrus wrecking ball Billy Ray Cyrus talks Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video

While many continue to be perplexed about what’s going on with Miley Cyrus, the singer still has one big cheerleader in her corner, her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley may be stripping naked and licking a hammer in the her new video for “Wrecking Ball,” but Billy Ray is focusing on the message behind it all.
He says what really matters is the song, not the video. “I’m a song man. A musician singer songwriter who loves all styles of music,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “I come from the old school where it starts with an artist and a song … colliding if you will … in a moment where the song, the singer, the producer, the band and the listener become one.” He must be reflecting on the thoroughly artistic “Achy Breaky Heart.”
Cyrus says what his daughter does or doesn’t wear in the music video isn’t important. “The song’s a smash,” he says, “and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent.”
Whether Billy Ray thinks the video is important or not, it’s doing a pretty good job of spreading Miley’s new music. “Wrecking Ball” has already crossed 60 million views on YouTube, after only three days. If you’re not brave enough to watch the video, you can get the gist of it through a few animated GIFs.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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