bindi irwin dating rumor gi Bindi Irwin is dating: Why do we care so much about the nature loving teen?

Bindi Irwin is a rarity in the world of teen celebrities. She seems to be functional, doesn’t live in the spotlight, has little to do with either Disney or Nickelodeon and seems to spend a lot of time with animals. This is all lovely, of course, but it doesn’t explain why the 15-year-old girl’s potential first boyfriend has made worldwide headlines.

So what is it about Irwin that gets our attention? Here are 7 possibilities.

1. People still miss her father.

The shocking death of Steve Irwin in 2006 still bothers many fans of the “Crocodile Hunter” animal series. Fun, engaging and above-all great with the creepiest of animals, Irwin’s death in a statistically impossible accident with a stingray still boggles the mind.

At the time, little Bindi (the elder of Irwin’s two children) was an adorable little girl crying for her father. Millions around the world watched the 8-year-old’s eulogy. That’s not the kind of image you forget.

2. She did have a TV show, after all.

Discovery Kids aired “Bindi the Jungle Girl” in 2007 and 2008. Coming out shortly after the elder Irwin’s death (he was involved in many of the earliest episodes), the nature series got extra attention.

3. She has released a DVD and a hip-hop album.

That was a few years ago, so people forget the particulars — but they do remember seeing the kid on lots of promotional things.

4. She has performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

She rode on a float and sang in the 2007 parade.

5. Bindi Irwin has an Emmy award.

The girl became the youngest person ever to win a Daytime Emmy in 2008, when she won for “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series.” Bindi was 9 at the time.

6. Famous teens rarely seem to have “normal” dating lives.

People found out that Irwin might be dating Bailey “Bazz” Lancaster via some Instagram photos that Bindi posted. There’s nothing scandalous in them — just some friendly pictures, one of which also features a tiger. The rumors of dating started when Bazz casually mentioned dating on (since-deleted) social media.

7. She does good things.

Not surprising for a girl whose childhood has been dominated by animals, Bindi reportedly donates 10 percent of all of her earnings to a wildlife charity. This tends to generate the good kind of attention.

Put all of this together, and of course Bindi Irwin continues to be interesting. And as long as that interest stays positive, that’s not entirely a bad thing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown