bite this with nadia g nadia giosia cooking channel 'Bite This With Nadia G' features tattoos and mini skirts but never gizzards

There’s the classic chef in starched whites, usually somber and measured. He’s classically trained, serious about food and even more serious about himself.
Then there’s Nadia G in minis and vintage tops, tats, and having an infectiously good time. Her training came from the women in her family and she’s irreverent and funny.
Her latest show, “Bite This With Nadia G” Thursday nights on Cooking Channel, is a fun mix of humor and food. Fans know her from “Bitchin’ Kitchen” where she taught viewers how to make meals for trying times — PMS menus and dysfunctional family pizza night.
With her “Bitchin’ Kitchen” crew in tow, Nadia G travels the country for her new show.

“I get to show people some of the best recipes in the country,” she tells Zap2it. “What makes it different from a typical travel show is I bring in that comedic element. I may bring up things they are not super comfortable with — when they posted it on Twitter a few years ago, and we have fun with the chefs. And food is an extension of our personalities and that definitely adds a tastier element to the food.”
hat did you eat for dinner last night?
“My early dinner — I had two dinners — was exquisite, handmade pasta stuffed duck confit. It was a duck confit cannelloni, with a pecorino foam on it and drizzled with a caramelized onion and veal jus and chanterelle mushrooms and oven roasted. That was around 6, and after drinking many, many, many beers and going to L.A., I ate 2-day-old pizza. It was a pizza I had ordered two days ago at the hotel.”

What is always in your refrigerator?
“A Greek yogurt. It is super versatile. I use it instead of sour cream. It is great on enchiladas and tacos also delicious as breakfast.”
When you think back on favorite meals, what are some you would be willing to travel for and what were they?
“That fried guinea hen at The Cecil in Harlem. It is awesome. In Louisville I had the best burgoo, a traditional Kentucky stew you make with whatever meat you have handy. It can be squirrel road kill. In my case it was confit meat, just out of this world just the best I ever had in my life and Peg Leg Porker in Nashville was the best BBQ I have had, dried rub ribs.”
What one food do you really dislike?
“Gizzards I don’t care for them in any form not into tripe or liver. I do really love foie gras but aside from foie gras, I am not a fan of gizzards.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler