christian slater blind gi Blind Spot: Teen idol turns to drugs and actor regrets cheatingSince Fridays are for tweeting away your working hours anyway, we here at Zap2it have decided to give you a better way to wind down with five of the week’s best blind items from around the web.  

For this week’s Blind Spot roundup, we’ve got some botched plastic surgery for a beloved ’80s star, a pair of dueling siblings, a teen idol who’s turned to drugs, and more. Take a look and let us know who you think is whom in the comments below.

[Blind Gossip] This actor had a sweet gig that lasted longer than usual. Good pay, the ability to work with top names, lots of creative freedom, plus time to do other projects on the side. Overall, it was a sweet gig. So what did he do? He quit! A couple of flops later, though, and he’s panicking. He is now begging for his old job back. What a d***.

[National Enquirer] What popular star of a classic 1989 teen film — he’s since turned into a successful adult actor — had an eyebrow lift that has left him with a permanent look of surprise? The 40-something star (whose sister is also a famous actress) is so inconsolable about the botched surgery that he’s considering suing the reputable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed it!

[Hollywood Dame] These celebrity siblings got into a screaming match after the more well known of the two accused the lesser known of reverting back to an old cocaine habit. The war started a while ago after the lesser known started hanging out with a tabloid favorite who recently held up production thanks to the nasty habit. It reached a boiling point and threats were made including a cutoff of financial help.

[Buzz Foto] This Hollywood actor is in the process of getting a divorce. The reason for the split is mostly due to his repeated cheating. Now that the process has started, he’s feeling deep regret and is doing everything he can to stop the divorce. We hear it’s too late and it will go through, but he’s even offered his wife a promise that he would quit the biz forever if she’ll take him back.

[Blind Gossip] What was a fading teen idol doing in a questionable neighborhood late one night? Catching a bite to eat at a local restaurant, uncomfortably posing with the occasional fan for photos, and…  scoring drugs?

That’s right. When he thought no one was looking, he met up with the local party girl, who took him into the alley next to a restaurant. Were they asking for menu recommendations? Not unless they come from some shady character dressed all in black in an alley. The hookup girl did the introductions. The two men nodded at each other, exchanged a couple of words, and then exchanged money for a black plastic baggie. The whole deal took less than a minute, and our boy looked very paranoid, glancing around, and pulling his baseball cap low over his eyes. The man in black took off in one direction, and our boy jumped into a waiting car with the local girl and split.  

My, my, my, this young performer is quite the multi-tasker! Television appearances, bad music, fake relationships, and he still manages to find time to score a little sum sum in the back alleys. Time to go to rehab, brah!

Posted by:Jennifer Harper