blossom mayim joey lawrence 'Blossom': Mayim Bialik & Joey Lawrence reprise characters for Old NavyWHOA!

Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence are both on successful TV series — “The Big Bang Theory” and “Melissa & Joey,” respectively — but they’re not too cool for their roots. The former stars of the best ’90s series ever, “Blossom,” have reunited for Old Navy in a new TV spot.

Basically, the idea is that Blossom has been hired as Old Navy’s “chief floral officer” for their new line of spring duds… and she’s accompanied by her brother Joey. We miss his flowing hair, but he gains points for “Whoa”-ing like no time has passed at all.

Between his signature catchphrase and her perfectly ’90s hat, we’ve almost been convinced to buy the dresses. Though we’d rather purchase the robot bees, to be honest.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie