blue bloods cast photo cbs 'Blue Bloods' hits the 100 episode milestone playing 'the journey, not the result'

Will Estes doesn’t dismiss the significance of the number 100.
He and his “Blue Bloods” cast mates reach that milestone episode with the CBS police-family drama’s new tale Friday (Jan. 9). Patrolman Jamie Reagan (Estes) and his relatives — including his detective brother Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and their father Frank (Tom Selleck), New York’s police commissioner — are torn on how to deal with a group of military veterans who have turned criminal.
“It’s a big win for the show,” Estes tells Zap2it of having completed a hundred stories. “Tom Selleck never wants to call the show a ‘hit’ because he doesn’t want to jinx it, but he did say it feels kind of good to hit 100.” Tales from earlier seasons are now being repeated on WGN America and ION Television, and in syndication on local stations.
Estes reports No. 100 wasn’t marked in a particularly big way: “The Reagans didn’t know it was the 100th episode, so the show didn’t stand out in any way in front of the camera. Behind the camera, we had a little get-together and little cake in the (mock-up of the) One Police Plaza press room. It was cool.”
As much as “Blue Bloods” furnishes the Reagans — also including attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan) — with weekly cases, a lingering question has been the nature of Jamie’s relationship with his professional partner, “Eddie” Janko (Vanessa Ray). They shared a kiss recently, but afterward, it was back to business.
“If we don’t know, that’s good,” Estes muses of the characters’ connection. “With a one-hour drama, you have to play the journey, not the result. A lot of things are true about their relationship that aren’t, ‘Hey, maybe they’ll get together,’ and there’s sort of a richness there that I like to work within.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin