gayle blue bloods 550 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 12: The Reagans chase a deadly drug called 'The Bogeyman'

Most of the Reagans are in the family business, but that normally doesn’t include one of the youngest.

Nicky (Sami Gayle) found herself in the thick of a police case in Friday’s (Jan. 10) episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” “The Bogeyman.” Attending a teen party, she responded to cries for help as most others evacuated the place, and found a passed-out girl as a couple of stragglers tried to conceal remaining drugs.

To no avail, Nicky warned them the drugs should be left as police evidence, then she grabbed a stray packet of the stuff and called 911 — identifying herself only as “Jane Doe.”

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Frank (Tom Selleck) also were concerned with drugs, specfiically a new and lethal type. Jailed informant Carmen (guest star Sasha Allen) told Danny of a narcotic rumored to be “pure heaven, for users of that kind of poison,” while Frank worried about a sudden rash of heroin-user deaths in area hospitals. “You expect to get high, not dead,” he told his staff.

As the NYPD hit the streets to find the drug’s source, Nicky visited Danny to tell him what happened at the party. She handed him the packet she took, which turned out to be a sample of the deadly drug, known as the Bogeyman. He then offered to drive her home, advising her she’d have to tell Erin (Bridget Moynahan) everything, including the sort of party she’d attended.

After having dinner, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) stopped a fleeing woman who allegedly had stolen someone else’s purse. The supposed thief named Morgan (guest star Julia Goldani Telles) denied it, but the apparent victim wanted her arrested. Since credit cards were in the bag, Jamie said grand larceny was the charge, and Eddie slapped the cuffs on.

As Morgan sat behind bars at the precinct, Eddie said her numerous fake IDs had been discovered and offered to help: “A couple of cops did me a favor once, and you know what? It made all the difference.” Morgan declined to accept, giving Eddie and Jamie nothing but a major dose of attitude. 

Trying to contact Carmen later, Danny was relieved to hear the phone finally answered, but the person on the other end was an FDNY technical who told him Carmen had just died from an overdose. The apparent cause: the Bogeyman. Danny and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) then looked at a drug-sales website that suddenly went down, suggesting the sellers knew the police were onto them.

Frank paid a late-night visit to Inspector General Kelly Peterson (recurring guest star Bebe Neuwirth), seeking her help in getting the Bogeyman off the streets. He asked her to use her political and business contacts to form a coalition to buy up all of it and offer the sellers amnesty, explaining there was “no precedent” for the growing wave of related deaths. She eventually agreed to make the calls, warning him she might be thought “a lunatic” and making no promises.

Danny went to question Lacey (guest star Willa Fitzgerald), one of the party guests who had tried to hide the drugs, and who had suffered an athletic injury for which she admitted to taking a prescription. Danny suggested she had turned to something stronger, and under threat of facing a criminal charge, she identifed her supplier as a physical therapist.

The man’s darkened home was Danny and Maria’s next stop, and they found he had become the next victim of the Bogeyman. His cell phone rang, and Danny impersonated him as the caller said he was on his way over, prompting the partners to anticipate a huge lead in their case.

Mutual awareness of the party situation led to mother-daughter tension as Erin and Nicky discussed potential colleges for Nicky. And at a press conference about the Bogeyman crisis, Frank wasn’t happy when a reporter’s question indicated word of the potential drug-buyback program had leaked.

Accusing Kelly of being behind that, Frank didn’t believe her when she denied it. “You were never gonna support me,” he told her. She countered that she had carried out their plan “for a New York minute, and then I came back to my senses,” adding that he should ask the two people she’d contacted to see if either of them was the leak. And that he should “call someone else” the next time he needed help.

Morgan continued to be snide with Eddie and Jamie, and she finally was taken to be arraigned. Jamie advised his frustrated partner, “As my father told me, you can’t save every puppy in the pound.” Eddie replied, “I know that girl. I was that girl. Sometimes, I still am that girl.”

Danny decided to have some “fun” when the dead supplier’s associate Jimmy (guest star Erik Jensen) showed up, handcuffing him to the corpse. As if that wasn’t enough, Danny and Maria threatened to inject Jimmy with the Bogeyman, which persuaded him to provide information — but only if he also was in the presence of other cops at the precinct. 

As the trio headed out, they saw a dark vehicle waiting. It sped toward them and shots rang out from it, with Danny and Maria returning fire. They hustled back into the building with Jimmy, bullets continuing to fly until the cops took out their pursuers.

Released from custody, Morgan found Eddie and Jamie waiting for her, with an offer to drive her home. “And if you still want to screw up your life,” Eddie said, “at least I know I did what I could.”

That included stopping at a convenience store en route, and as Eddie reflected on her satisfaction in helping to steer someone straight, Jamie informed her that he’d just seen Morgan bolt “with two dudes in a red Camaro.” Naturally, Eddie wanted to go into immediate pursuit, but a chuckling Jamie admitted he’d just “punked” her.

Dino (John Ventimiglia) told Frank that t
hanks to Jimmy’s information, the rest of the Bogeyman had been found and confiscated. Still, Garrett (Gregory Jbara) continued to mull who had leaked the buyback idea, as Frank received an autopsy report on Kelly’s late son … a car-accident victim several years ago.

At the weekly Reagan family dinner, the conversation focused on Nicky and Erin’s different thoughts on which college Nicky should attend. The ones she’d picked would be far away from her family, so that she could be “truly on her own,” explained Erin — who admitted, “I’m having trouble dealing with it.” Nicky asked to change the subject, to avoid crying.

Frank again visited Kelly, this time on a peacemaking mission. He told her he knew her son’s death also was caused by his drug abuse, and she replied, “I went through hell and back. Well, just hell. There was no coming back. So, I’ve got nothing for junkies and their problems. Nothing.”

Frank understood, and after he pulled out a bottle of red burgundy, Kelly invited him in to join her in watching the end of a football game. He looked back at a waiting Garrett, and told him, “One hour.”
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