selleck insult blue bloods  'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 16: A woman's vengeance and a school trip add 'Insult to Injury'

Dangerous byproducts of car-accident deaths, plus the police commissioner’s visit to a museum, meant another active day for the Reagans.

“Insult to Injury,” Friday’s (March 7) episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” — written by co-executive producer Daniel Truly, from a story by him and series script coordinator Andrew Raab — made Frank (Tom Selleck) a chaperone for grandson Sean’s (Andrew Terraciano) school field trip. The trek’s main guide, Joyce Carpenter (guest star Annie Wersching), quickly proved herself something of a control freak.

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” she briskly informed Frank. “You’re just to follow my lead.” Clearly, she did not know Frank Reagan.

What looked to be a day of paperwork for Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) became something else when he took a call meant for a detective who had passed away. The distressed caller, named Jill (guest star Bess Rous), angrily told Danny that the NYPD and the justice system had failed her. When he asked her how, she replied, “Once I kill myself, you’ll know.”

As Danny tried to talk her down from her plan while getting a trace set up, Jill explained her parents had been killed by a drunk driver who ran into their car on Christmas Eve 2008. She was in the back seat, and she remembered the perpetrator laughing. Though he was sentenced for the deaths, he’d been released … and Jill vowed that before she killed herself, she was going to kill him.

At a food wagon, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) encountered attractive bike messenger Maya (guest star Shelley Hennig), who slipped Jamie her number — to Eddie’s bemusement. They later found she’d slipped something else at the wagon: a counterfeit $50 bill, setting the police partners on her trail.

Getting nowhere in trying to track Maya through her courier service, which it turned out she’d left a few months earlier, Jamie sought her via bike shops. He and Eddie located and arrested her, and she ultimately identified the counterfeiter, who was being pursued by the Secret Service. One of those agents took over, prompting Jamie to lament once again starting a case that others finished.

Back at the museum, Frank suggested to Joyce a different approach to shepherding the children, but she didn’t want her plans disrupted. Apparently, that also went for her daughter Daisy (guest star Sadie Sink), who told Frank she wanted to be a park ranger though her mother was aiming for her to become a doctor.

Jill inadvertently gave up the name of her parents’ killer, Decker (guest star Leif Riddell), as her phone conversation with Danny continued. The trace only could be narrowed down to a 50-block radius, and Danny brought in her brother Ryan (guest star Brandon Tyler Harris) to try to convince her not to harm Decker.

Also at Danny’s behest, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) came into the situation involving Jill, who eventually decided to end the long call and set her mission in motion. Danny reconnected with her through a text message to her cell phone, but she tracked down Decker at a bar he frequented, Tasered him and put him in her car trunk … then drove off shortly before police could arrive to stop her.

A clue from Ryan steered Danny to a park where the burial place of Jill’s parents’ ashes was marked by a tree. There, Jill ordered a frantically apologetic Decker to his knees as she aimed her gun at him, but Danny stepped out of the shadows and told her he knew she wouldn’t be able to shoot. Spared, Decker said to Danny, “She’s crazy, right?” Danny reacted by punching him, then embraced a sobbing Jill.

Frank upped the students’ enthusiasm at the museum by letting them vote on their next stop — with a knowing look toward Joyce — and the dinosaur exhibit was an especially popular option. He then told them the story of Theodore Roosevelt, asking if any of the kids knew how “Teddy” showed his love of nature during his presidency.

Daisy brightly answered that Roosevelt started the U.S. Forest Service, among other initiatives. When Frank inquired how she knew, Daisy reiterated she wanted to be a ranger. Mentioning all the occupations Roosevelt had, Frank pointed out that a person “can be more than one thing” … then looked back at an impressed Joyce, who mouthed her thanks to him.

The weekly Reagan-family dinner mainly was a discussion of the museum visit. When Frank expressed he hadn’t been fair in his initial judgment of Joyce, Jamie thought of Maya in saying he also had misread someone. Afterward, Jamie told Frank he was concerned about not having made detective yet, to which Frank asked, “You think something’s holding you back?”

Jamie gave him a silent but meaning-fraught glance, suggesting more would be developing along those lines. And, very possibly, quite soon.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin