selleck door blue bloods 75 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 21: A cop's murder sends the Reagans 'Above and Beyond'

Any “Blue Bloods” viewer knows the shooting of a police officer will affect the regular characters deeply.

Indeed it did in “Above and Beyond,” Friday’s (May 2) episode of the CBS police drama written by co-executive producer Daniel Truly. The wounded cop’s identity wasn’t clear at first, though it was known he was from Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) precinct — making other Reagans fear Danny himself might be the victim.

Soon, the officer was identified as Steve Tomlin, who had been working undercover to bring down the operation of drug kingpin Santo Castillo (guest star Louie Leonardo). At the hospital, Frank (Tom Selleck) learned Tomlin had died, and he walked over to console newly widowed Lorraine Tomlin (guest star Haviland Morris).

“Catch who murdered my husband,” she asked Frank. “We will do that,” he assured her.

Evidently having learned from someone that Tomlin was a cop, Castillo also had been hit in the exchange of gunfire, giving Danny and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) something to go on. They raided Castillo’s headquarters and brought everyone in for questioning, but Sgt. Gormley (Robert Clohessy) warned that Castillo’s people were loyal and wouldn’t give him up.

Approached by an apparent street kid, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) recognized him as Tyler Jeffries (guest star Gabriel Rush), a former schoolmate of Nicky (Sami Gayle). He ran off upon being “made,” and when Erin mentioned the encounter later, Nicky immediately wanted to look for him. “Relax,” Erin said. “I will handle it.”

Nicky had doubts about that, so she asked Jamie (Will Estes) to start his own search for Tyler, lying that Erin knew she was asking. Jamie and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) went to the area where Tyler had been seen, and though the teen was spotted, he ran away again.

Going to clean out Tomlin’s police locker, Danny and Gormley were surprised find it empty, especially since Danny had seen it full of items the day before. Immediately, the two cops wondered what was being hidden and who was hiding it. 

Text messages revealed one of Castillo’s underlings, Ticky (guest star Adrian M. Matilla), was secretly involved with Castllo’s sister Vivian (guest star Judy Marte). Danny and Maria raided her apartment, and though she denied her brother was there, he was found hiding and taken in for interrogation.

While Castillo was being grilled, Officer Bill Becker (guest star Kevin Kane) nervously left the area. Danny instinctively followed him to the locker room and questioned him, with Becker eventually confessing he had taken Tomlin’s belongings.

Becker then had to answer to Frank, who wondered why the cop didn’t want a lawyer or a union representative present. “I’m no one’s mole,” Becker insisted. “I don’t know how Steve’s cover got blown.” The officer then revealed Tomlin had saved his life early in his career, and Becker felt he owed him.

Finally, Becker told Frank the reason he’d covered for Tomlin: “He has another family.”

As Jamie told Nicky he and Eddie had seen Tyler and intended to go back the next day, Erin overheard the conversation and chastised Nicky for going “behind my back” in seeking Jamie’s help.

That strain between mother and daughter was apparent at the weekly Reagan family dinner. Most of the conversation, though, was about Tomlin having had a wife and two college-age children as well as a girlfriend and a new baby — neither family apparently knowing about the other.

Different Reagans had different views of the situation, but Frank’s main concern was divvying up Tomlin’s personal effects. As the cop on the case, Danny would have to be involved in that directly, Frank noted.

Danny went to see the girlfriend, Marianna (guest star Andrea Ramos), who had thought Tomlin was unmarried. As the truth dawned on her, Danny said, “It’s obvious that he loved you.” He then explained why, telling her Tomlin had arranged for deferred compensation to be given to her and the baby.

Frank, meanwhile, went to see Tomlin’s wife — who asked that the NYPD not lie to her with “sad smiles and pats on the back.” She had known about her husband’s other life, having found a phone number that she presumed was the girlfriend’s … and also having called it and berated the person who answered.

The widow then asked Frank to skip her husband’s memorial service and “the nice speech. His real family doesn’t need to hear it.”

Jamie and Eddie located Tyler, who again made a run for it, but without success this time. Tyler said he had been looking for his mother; she was the person doing drugs instead of him, as had been thought, and he hadn’t sought help in finding her to keep others from knowing about her using.

He got that help anyway, since Erin had made good on her promise to Nicky to “handle it.” Her probe revealed Tyler’s mother was at a hospital where she was being treated for an accidental overdose, and Erin arranged for Tyler to stay with an uncle in the meantime.

After debating with Garrett (Gregory Jbara) over the distribution of Tomlin’s benefits, Frank went home and sought counsel and assistance from Henry (Len Cariou), who could be influential as a board member of the Policemen’s Fund.

Danny then entered with troubling information: The call Tomlin’s widow thought she made to his girlfriend actually was answered by a member of Castillo’s drug ring, thus exposing Tomlin as a police officer. And making his wife the unwitting “mole” who got him killed.

Though Danny recommended not telling her, Frank said, “I can’t lie to that woman again. She needs to know.” Facing her with the fact was another matter, however. At her doorstep, he reconsidered what he wanted to say, telling her instead that representing the NYPD at her husband’s funeral “would be my honor.”

“You came all the way out here just to ask me that?” she inquired. Swallowing hard, Frank simply responded, “Yes. I did.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin