will estes tom selleck blue 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 6: Jamie and Danny are still 'Growing Boys' ... and troubled cops

For one Reagan police brother, the problem was an ex-gang mamber. For the other, it was an ex-girlfriend.

Jamie (Will Estes) and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) each had concerns in Friday’s (Nov. 1) episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” “Growing Boys,” directed by former actor Eric Laneuville (“St. Elsewhere”). Jamie’s problem involved a threat to his career, while Danny’s posed a mild threat to his marriage.

Shooting hoops with former gang member Tomas (Jeff Lima) in the Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program initiated by Frank (Tom Selleck), Jamie was dismayed to see the youth hassled by some of his earlier comrades. The trouble escalated when Jamie witnessed Tomas being chased by the others, prompting him to give pursuit and yell, “Police!”

The chase ended tragically when one of the potential assailants ran into the path of a car that struck him, causing injuries that left the sudden victim possibly paralyzed from the waist down. And the other would-be attacker yelled at Jamie, “You did this, man! This is on you!”

Danny’s new headache began when, while settling in for a romantic dinner Linda (Amy Carlson) had prepared while their sons were away at a sleepover, he got a frantic call from his high-school girlfriend Marianne (Charisma Carpenter). Reluctantly leaving the disenchanted Linda, he found Marianne had been struck in the face by her new fiance, an NFL veteran named Joe Frye (Stink — yes, Stink — Fisher).

Marianne still defended her man (“He loves me for me”), frustrating Danny, who had promised her brother long ago that he’d look after her. But, Danny added, ‘”That didn’t mean I’d play referee for your love life.”

Garrett (Gregory Jbara) gave Frank a rundown on the incident involving Jamie and said it was officially determined “Officer Reagan behaved appropriately,” but “conflicting reports” left a potential lawsuit by the injured youth’s family hanging. Frank testily resisted the suggestion his program might have caused the situation due to “retaliation by the crews [that the participants] used to run with.”

Danny visited the gym operated by Frye and confronted him, and Frye claimed Marianne’s facial injury was “an accident. We had s spat. We worked it out.” Of course, that wasn’t enough for Danny, who told partner Maria (Marisa Ramirez) he had “a bad feeling about the guy.”

Following that hunch, Danny learned a police sergeant (Michael Pemberton) had been “sitting on” the gym, suspecting illegal steroid activity — especially since a young athlete had died while training there. The sergeant had failed to place undercover officers in the gym successfully, inspiring Maria to volunteer to give it a try.

Inspector General Kelly Peterson (returning guest star Bebe Neuwirth) found her way back to Frank’s office, voicing worries about a number of lawsuits related to his program — which she was going to recommend be eliminated. Refusing to place budgetary concerns over “the soul of the city,” Frank gave her a stern reply: “Let me be very clear. Do not go up against me on this.”

Danny tried to make amends to Linda by bringing her flowers and hiring a sitter so they could go out, only to hear a car horn relentlessly honking outside their house. It was Marianne, who protested to Danny that she hadn’t wanted him to “go and harass” Frye. The feisty Linda then stepped outside and firmly told her, “My husband is off-duty when it comes to you.” Underscoring the point, she grabbed Marianne’s phone and deleted Danny’s number from it. 

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) gave Jamie advice before his deposition, at which an attorney for the injured gang member’s family asked if Jamie had a vendetta, since the gang was associated with the housing project where his partner was killed. Jamie calmly replied that everything he does in the line of duty is meant to honor the memory of the slain man.

Tomas was then deposed. Asked if Jamie had identified himself as a police officer during the pursuit, he replied, “I don’t know.” Seeing Tomas reunite warmly with his former gang pals afterward, Erin told Jamie,  “Looks like your friend threw you under the bus.” An angry Jamie approached Tomas and ordered him, “Make a choice. Me or them.”

Maria’s undercover mission had a fast payoff,  since personal trainer Ralphie (Luke Guidan) took an interest in her, making him an apparently easy mark to ask for whatever could help her have “the best body of my life.” He meaningfully proposed they meet for a drink later, and there, he initially resisted handing her what she’d covertly requested. “I’m just wondering if I’m talking to a cop,” he said.

Feigning being insulted, Maria stormed out. Ralphie followed and gave her a packet, saying, “It’s on me.” She insisted, “No, I’m paying” … and as soon as she handed him the cash, a waiting Danny swooped in to make the arrest. “I’m not a cop,” Maria informed Ralphie. “I’m a detective.”

Learning Tomas’ former associates had turned on him and severely beaten him — because he had changed his testimony back in Jamie’s favor — Jamie visited him in the hospital and promised, “You stepped up for me. Now I’m gonna step up for you.” That amounted to Jamie asking Frank to use his Housing Authority connections to ensure a safe environment for those who left the gang life and entered Frank’s program.

Frank then informed Kelly that was exactly what he planned to do. Though she promised to push back, he handed over some anonymously sent, potentially damning documents about her that had crossed his desk. Saying he’d do the same with anything else of that nature that he received, he noted, “I play hard, but I d
on’t play dirty.”

Maria and Danny got Ralphie to “sing” about Frye by leaving him in a holding room with another apparent suspect … a hulking fellow named Tiny (Roy Jackson), who threateningly told Ralphie, “You’re my date tonight.” As soon as Ralphie was removed from the room, Danny told a smiling Tiny, “Nice work, Detective.”

After a vigorous chase — to be expected from racing after a former NFL running back — Danny caught and arrested Frye, And later at the weekly Reagan dinner, most of Danny’s relatives dissected his having dated Marianne earlier, but he knew just how to put Linda at ease.

He said it was exactly 14 years ago that they’d had their first date, and he’d even saved the ticket stubs from “The Cider House Rules,” the movie they went to. (And yes, it was released in 1999.)

“I knew I loved you that night,” he told her, “and I’ve known I’ve loved you ever since.” To which Erin chimed in, “Nice save.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin