donnie wahlberg blue bloods 'Blue Bloods' star Donnie Wahlberg on why he waited to call girlfriend Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg may be happily in a relationship now with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, but the way they started dating might surprise you.

The “Blue Bloods” star actually didn’t call her right away after she gave him her number. “Guys, we like to act like we’re in control of everything. And typically I am,” Wahlberg admitted on CBS’ “The Talk” on Monday (Nov. 11). “I am that kind of guy. I’m generally a very smooth operator.”

So what was his reasoning for not calling right away? “They always do this question on ‘Family Feud.’ Survey says, how long should you wait before you call someone when they give you their number?” Wahlberg days. “And it always says one or two days, but I think it’s more like one or two weeks.”

Wahlberg was then met with boos and shocked gasps from the audience, and he went on to clarify his argument. “It’s the only way guys have to play it because once we call, it’s over. The girl is going to run everything,” Wahlberg says. “So we might as well milk it, you know what I mean? We’re big, we’re like the dogs, or the kind of the jungle, and then after two dates, it’s like we’re kitty cats. It’s over. So I had to have the control while I could.”

It looks like Wahlberg’s philosophy worked — McCarthy has even said she has no qualms about proposing marriage to Wahlberg and said she thinks “he would be an amazing husband” — but it definitely through her off her game. “I think she got insecure about it because she couldn’t figure out why I didn’t call,” Wahlberg says. “I guess she thought I would call right away.”

Watch a clip from his “The Talk” appearance in which he talks about directing Tom Selleck:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum