We’re not entirely sure what to expect from the Season 1 finale of “Boardwalk Empire” Sunday night (Dec. 5), but knowing Nucky (Steve Buscemi), it’ll be emotional.

In the episode innocuously titled “Return to Normalcy,” Election Day has arrived, and all of Atlantic City is bracing itself. It’s a time for reflection, and Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) has come quite a long way from when she was a battered housewife. But does her new position — with all its implications of power and sin — sit well with her?

Jimmy (Michael Pitt), Van Alden (Michael Shannon) and Eli (Shea Wingham) are also thinking of what the future holds, while Johnny Torrio (Greg Antonacci) is the go-between for two enemies.

We’re sure it’ll all end happily and no one will scream or get offed in any violent way. Then again, the clip’s “Retribution is coming” line doesn’t bode well. Whose retribution?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen