steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: Gimcrack & BunkumIt’s Memorial Day in Atlantic City, and Nucky and Jimmy engage in a little political gamesmanship, before Jimmy retires to a meeting with Eli and the town elders. While Jimmy is dancing as fast as he can to keep them from finding out about the Commodore’s state, one particularly ornery old coot whacks Jimmy in the head with a cane, drawing blood. Networking is awful, you guys.

Meanwhile, Nucky has Attorney General Harry in town, along with the federal prosecutor who’s supposedly going to be prosecuting Nucky’s case. They make a handshake deal that Nucky’s case, after going through some motions, will ultimately get dismissed. No guarantees, which Nucky doesn’t love, but by the end of the night, the two men are getting hummers in Nucky’s parlor, so…

Eli sees which way the wind is blowing with the Commodore out of commission, so he goes to Nucky and ends up begging — crying, even — him to take him back. He even admits that the Commodore has stroked out. Nucky toys with his brother before telling him to kiss his ass (his feet, really, but whatever). One fistfight later, and Margaret has to send Eli packing at the end of a shotgun. Later, Eli is drowning his sorrows when George, one of the ward bosses, comes to him with the rumor (possibly spread by Nucky) that the Commodore is a vegetable. Eli denies unconvincingly, then panics and ends up — oops! — killing George with a wrench.

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