paz de la huerta 'Boardwalk Empire's' Paz de la Huerta arrested in bar brawlIt will come as no surprise to those well-schooled in Paz de la Huerta lore that the wild child and “Boardwalk Empire” co-star was arrested on Sunday (March 20) in New York after allegedly throwing a glass and a punch at Samantha Swetra, erstwhile star of MTV’s “City.”

What caused the tiff? According to TMZ, things turned ugly at the Top of the Standard nightclub when Swetra took exception to de la Huerta hitting on a male companion. Words were exchanged.

The New York Daily News reports that de la Huerta lost her footing as she approached Swetra’s group (which included a presumably sober Lindsay Lohan) and crashed into an adjacent table with one of her breasts “hanging out of her dress.” An amused Swetra allegedly yelled “triple axel!”

That’s when de la Hoya de la Huerta went all Chuck Norris, throwing a glass and a punch at Swetra.

Luckily, Lohan was on hand to help pick shards of glass out of Swetra’s leg. But Swetra was apparently left with more than just minor flesh wounds after the encounter. Sources tell the Daily News she was spotted after the run-in with facial bruises and a swollen lip.

De la Huerta is due in court on April 18 to answer for her actions.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson