bobby brown children today show Bobby Brown's children: The public never gives him a chance
Bobby Brown is sitting down with “Today” anchor Matt Lauer in his first interview since the death of ex-wife Whitney Houston. NBC has released excerpts from the interview, which airs Wednesday, May 2 and Thursday, May 3 on the morning show. Read the excerpt where Brown talks about Whitney, cocaine use and her death here.

Below, Lauer speaks with three of Brown’s children – daughter La’Princia, 22, and sons Bobby Jr., 19, and Landon, roughly 25.

Matt: “It’s my understanding you all really wanted to be here today and talk about your dad and some of the things that have gone on. Why is it so important?”

La’Princia: “I honestly feel like my dad’s a great person. He’s been my best friend, like, my whole life. If I ever have a problem with anything, I know I can always go to him. Likewise, if he ever needs to talk to somebody, he knows he can always call me and I’ll be there for him.”

Matt: “Yeah? The rest of you? Is that the reason you’re here?”

Bobby Jr.: “Yes. Definitely.”

Matt: “Because you don’t feel that the public has–“

La’Princia: “Oh, they definitely do not have the right perception on him.”

Matt: “What do you think the public perception of this man on the end is, Bobby?”

Bobby Jr. “No matter what he does, they just view him that way. They don’t– like, never really give him a chance.”

Landon: “I feel like my father’s always had the bad boy image. So, you know, they just keep followin’ that, you know? Anything that they can take a negative from the situation, they blow it out of proportion and blame him.”

La’Princia: “They don’t see the good part of him that we see every single day…. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Everyone goes through their ups and downs. You can’t be judged forever about one event in your life or– just the bad decisions you’ve made, you can’t always be judged just by that.”

Matt: “You think any of, as you put it, bad boy image, Landon, is any of it deserved?”

Landon: “I think the bad boy image is just a part of the performance, stage performance, stage presence.”

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