body of proof tca 2013 panel season 3 dana delany mark valley abc 'Body of Proof' at TCA: What's new in season 3?After its somewhat surprising renewal for a third season, “Body of Proof” underwent many changes. Several cast members have left and have been replaced by new actors in new roles. The format of the show promises more action and changes for many of the existing characters, including medical examiner Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) herself.

What exactly will change? The cast and producers gave some clues to reporters at the TCA winter press tour.

  • Mark Valley and Elyes Gabel have joined the cast as police detectives. Valley’s character, Detective Tommy Sullivan, in particular, will be important on the show — at some point in the past, Tommy and Megan had a romantic relationship. Their tension will be important to the new season.
  • What is Tommy Sullivan’s purpose, other than being a potential love interest? “We wanted to create a character that would stand up to her,” executive producer Matthew Gross said. Considering how dominating Megan can be, that’s a definite positive. 
  • There are more new aspects to “Body of Proof” than the changing actors. The show’s producers said that they had hired a new composer, new editors, new directors and even a few new writers.
  • Megan gets a little more action in season 3. We’re talking about physical action here. Instead of just examining bodies and sticking her nose into police business, Megan Hunt will also get to chase down criminals, fall into piles of garbage and even take out bad guys with her car door (that scene is about as awesome as you’d expect, by the way). Dana Delany found some of the action to be a little bit ridiculous: “It’s a little silly in the high heels, I have to admit. I feel like I should wear a cat-suit or something,” she said.
  • Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) will be getting changes of her own in the new season. Instead of being content with her medical examiner position, Kate decides to go into politics. “Now is the time,” Ryan said. “Life is short. Why wait? So she decides she’s running for Congress.”
  • Kate may also get a new love interest (and maybe more). Jeri Ryan mentioned a Ukrainian attache who she meets during a murder investigation.
  • Not too much will change between Megan and her daughter. Lacey will be seen more in her mother’s office, and the girl plays a major role in the two-part episode coming up at the beginning of the season.
  • The unexplored back-story surrounding the suicide of Megan’s father will play a big role in the story of season 3. By the end of the season, we can expect a surprise twist tied to that death. Meanwhile, Megan will continue to have a contentious relationship with her mother (Joanna Cassidy).
  • It’s not just about solving murders this season. Instead, “Body of Proof” will follow the model established at the end of season 2 in which the murder mystery tied into a larger problem that had to be averted.
  • Each episode of the new and improved “Body of Proof” will have self-contained action and big events. “We were really looking at every episode… as separate, almost movies,” Gross said.

“Body of Proof” returns for season 3 on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown