body of proof finale nicholas bishop abc 'Body of Proof's' Nicholas Bishop talks finale and Peter in Season 2

“Body of Proof” has definitely beaten the odds with Season 1. It regularly wins its hour in total viewers and somehow found its audience while other shows have struggled. ABC’s announcement that it the show is renewed was met with very grateful replies from its cast, including its leading lady, Dana Delany, who took a chance on the show when she was already a regular on the established hit, “Desperate Housewives.”
We had a chance to speak with Aussie actor Nicholas Bishop (who plays Peter) about the show’s success, what he’d like to see from his character next season and what we can expect on Tuesday’s (May 17) finale.
Why do you think “Body of Proof” was able to find an audience?
That’s a good question. I think from my perspective and looking at what else is out there, I think it’s a great combination of the procedural, but also very heavily driven by character and certainly Dana’s character and how we all fit into that world. You get to know a little more about the people outside of the job. You know, people say, ‘Is it like ‘CSI’?’ Even though I highly respect those shows, they’re very much about the case whereas our show is very much about how we are all affected by the case. And I think that’s a pretty cool mix of things.
Your character plays Megan’s confidante, but we don’t know very much about where he comes from. Will we?
We will, given time and given that second season we will learn more about his back-story. One of the things that always came up with me in the beginning is why Peter [is] the guy who can look at Megan and talk to her that way and actually disarm her and get her to open up about her life, because essentially she is his boss. And we do find out in episode that he has three sisters, so he kind of has a good understanding of women on that level. So, yeah, given time we’ll find out a lot more of what drives him as well.

What would you like your character to explore in Season 2?
I want the audience to find out why he became a medical investigator. He was a cop for a long time and a good cop, so what made him want to become a medical investigator? So, it would be nice for the audience to see what that transition is all about, because essentially he still has the same kind of job, but it’s much more forensically based now. You know and find out more about is he a single guy and why he’s a single guy, find out about his family — because we know a lot about Megan’s family — maybe there’s some sort of comparisons there or some things that will let us as the audience understand why he is the way that he is.

body of proof finale dana delany nicholas bishop abc 320 'Body of Proof's' Nicholas Bishop talks finale and Peter in Season 2

Let’s talk about the finale. Apparently, Megan keeps a high-powered family from burying their daughter. Can you tell us more about that? 
We’re told that it’s like a suicide in the beginning, then we find out — obviously there wouldn’t be a show if there was no foul play — so we find out it has gone in a different direction. And because of the family that’s involved we have to kind of walk on eggshells a little bit. They’re a very high profile family in society and then Megan does something that is kind of quite shocking speaking about the funeral and I can’t say much more than that. It’s very keeping with Megan Hunt’s style, but [laughs] it’s pretty uncool what she does. And obviously, because I’m her sidekick I have to tag along and I feel very terrible about it. There’s a whole bunch of stuff dealing with her ex-husband and her daughter, as well, so there’s really great mystery and case plus there’s some good stuff with her family.

This show does a great job of exposing personal storylines via the cases. So with this case, we’re expecting some breakthrough for Megan in the finale. Are we right?
I think either breakthroughs or revelations. The great thing about her character and the way they’ve written her character is that she’s brilliant and all these things when it comes to her work, but she ain’t so brilliant when it comes to her family and the way she deals with people that are close to her. And that’s kind of what my character’s function, as well, to let her see that she needs to find a way to deal with people. 
Watch a preview of the finale below:

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The “Body of Proof” season finale airs Tuesday, May 17 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.
What would you like to see from the series in Season 2?
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