bones baby 1 'Bones' baby is finally born! What did you think of 'The Prisoner in the Pipe'?After what seems like a cruelly long wait, “Bones” is finally back on the FOX lineup — with a new night and a new cast member. Yes, “Bones” has moved to Mondays and brought with it a brand new baby girl!

In the April 2nd episode “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” Booth and Brennan welcomed their child — in a very unlikely place. As hinted at in a few promos, Brennan went into labor while investigating a case at a prison (in true “Bones” fashion, obviously) and ended up delivering little Christine Angela in a stable after being turned away from an inn. Sound a little familiar to you?

We began the episode with our favorite couple bickering over whether their baby would be born in a hospital or at home, but in the end neither of them got their way. As for the case, it wasn’t the most complicated or interesting one we’ve seen on the show before — it mostly provided the humorous prison backdrop (which was pretty hilarious, but nothing in comparison to the manger).

Before their baby came, the notoriously non-religious Brennan relented and told Booth that she’ll allow their daughter to be baptized. That, plus the birth setting, is quite interesting, no?

Other noteworthy moments:

— “Stupid road! Stupid, stupid road!” -Booth
— “I’m about to push this baby out right now! And if you don’t find me a place to do that, I’m going to get out of this car, squat down on the lawn, and have this baby right here.” -Brennan
— “She will. She’ll squat on the lawn.” -Booth

Did you shed a tear (or five) when you found out that little baby Booth was named Christine Angela, after Bones’ mom and her BFF? Because we’re tearing up again just thinking about it. What did you think of the episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley