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At the end of the most recent “Bones” episode, “The Sense in the Sacrifice,” fans finally got what they had been wanting for more than a season — Booth (David Boreanaz) shot and killed Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds). Then he proposed to Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

And all’s right in the world. Unless you’re Agent Flynn (Reed Diamond).

How did all of this happen?

“Bones” gets artsy (and bloody)

Having failed to find and capture Pelant using all normal means, the Jeffersonian team decides to get creative. They use a donated cadaver and stage an elaborate murder scene — the idea is to lure Pelant out to see who is even crazier than he is.

Booth even enlists the now desk-bound Flynn to position the body in a style reminiscent of the death of Prometheus.

Unfortunately, Pelant is the king of the weirdly gruesome kill and he doesn’t want to cede this title without a fight. Even more unfortunately, Flynn has to pay the ultimate price for this: When the investigators find their artistically arranged corpse, Pelant has left a flower.

Oh, and he also left a new corpse. Agent Flynn has replaced the cadaver in the display.

Pelant gets in everyone’s head and also Brennan’s lab

None of this ends with Flynn’s murder, of course. This is Pelant. It has to be far more complicated.

First of all, the evidence begins to point to Flynn being in league with Pelant for some reason — that’s the explanation for how the killer knew about the fake-out. Booth doesn’t believe this, and Brennan goes along with that theory. Then they kiss. It’s fun.

Later, it turns out that Pelant also faked a fracture in Flynn’s body, a fracture that exactly mirrors one in an unsolved murder. Brennan being the genius that she is, immediately identifies this and goes to the bone room to check. That’s where she finds Pelant.

It seems that Pelant has — as so many killers are wont to do — gotten obsessed with Brennan. He therefore wants to prove his worth by solving a serial-killer case. His flirting is completed with the threat of a high-tech grenade of some sort.

Booth, the real man in this scenario, points out that the grenade is fake. It’s still creepy.

Into the psycho lair …

Brennan figures out that Pelant has been messing with her bone room and then realizes that this is all meant to lure her into Christopher Pelant’s Lair of High-Tech Doom. Because Brennan sometimes makes bad choices, she heads off to the location all alone.

She doesn’t die quite yet though. That’s because Hodgins and the rest have discovered a tooth (swallowed by Flynn during his murder) with particulates that indicate an old factory is Pelant’s murder place. Booth, realizing that Brennan has already headed over, races to the rescue.

Pelant sucks at dating

Pelant gets all romantic with flash grenades and bomb threats and stuff when Brennan arrives. She isn’t exactly turned on, but Brennan also doesn’t shoot Pelant dead like he so totally deserves.

That is Booth’s job. And he does it well. Even though the serial killer has another one of his maybe-fake grenades, Booth is good to go with a gun. Threats fall on deaf ears as Booth takes a shot in slow-motion. Pelant falls to the floor with a fatal bullet to the chest.

Bye-bye awful killer!

Happily ever after (until next week anyway)

Leaving Pelant lying dead on the ground and just walking away, which seems like a very irresponsible choice, Booth and Brennan discuss the end of their long, high-tech nightmare. Booth can now talk about his odd, anti-Brennan behavior over the previous few months:

“The main reason that I wanted to kill Pelant was, he kept me from marrying you.” – Booth
“I thought it was something like that.” – Brennan

And then, for the second time on “Bones,” Booth and Brennan got engaged. But this time, it was Booth who proposed. Let’s hope this one sticks! We’ve been waiting a long time.

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