bones freddie prinze jr mather zickel season 9 premiere gi 'Bones' casts Freddie Prinze Jr. and Mather Zickel for Season 9 premiere

“Bones” is getting ready for Season 9 with some big guest-star casting. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Mather Zickel will both appear in the show’s season premiere on Sept. 16.

Prinze will play a CIA officer — and an old friend of Booth’s — in the episode. “Bones” star David Boreanaz posted the news on his personal Twitter feed on Wednesday (July 24):

“Freddie Prince Jr. and his CIA badge will join us on @BONESonFOX this season with some history with Booth.”

There is no word yet about whether there will be any discussion of a woman that both men once slept with (Prinze is married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the title character on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” who slept with Boreanaz’s former character, Angel).

Comedian Mather Zickel will appear in the same episode, according to TVLine. Zickel will play Aldo Coulter, Booth’s “old spiritual advisor, who now runs a bar.” Previously, Coulter knew Booth when the latter was a sniper in the Rangers — he was Booth’s confessor, as a matter of fact. Now that Booth is going through a spiritual crisis, following his broken engagement to Brennan, he goes back to an old friend.

Posted by:Laurel Brown