bones emily deschanel season 6 'Bones' Emily Deschanel: Brennan 'made a mistake' turning Booth down

For anyone who’s seen promos for the Dec. 9 episode of “Bones,” it’s clear that “The Doctor in the Photo” is quite a departure for the series.

Told entirely from the Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) perspective, it weaves a Hitchcockian maze that seems to find Brennan racing to solve her own murder once she starts to identify with a set of bones.

A noted cardiologist, the victim shares Brennan’s career focus and lack of romantic and personal connections, so when she disappeared, no one noticed she was gone.

“Isn’t that almost every human’s worst fear — dying and no one misses you, no one notices?” Deschanel tells the press of her big episode. “This affects Brennan greatly, and she starts relating to the character, believing it’s her. She starts seeing her own life and seeing that she made a mistake when she said no to Booth (David Boreanaz) last year.”

All of this culminates in a tearful confession to Booth, which, with all due objectivity, makes his 100th episode romantic ovation seem tepid.

“It forces Brennan into a place where she’s bold and aware of her feelings in a way she hasn’t been before,” says Deschanel. And to go to that place, she had to let the waterworks loose. That’s a kind of emotion Deschanel really hasn’t had to call upon in her six seasons of playing Brennan.”

“That was one of those scenes where you know [it’s] there and you prepare for it, and then you’re like, ‘It’s OK if i don’t cry, I don’t have to cry,'” she explains, “But walking in, everyone is expecting that. There’s a lot of pressure with that.”

Pressure she apparently didn’t let get the best of her.

Now, there’s no way to address the outcome of this scene without giving it all away, but its quite clear that her confession to Booth isn’t met the way many fans would probably like it to. “Brennan took that chance, and whether or not it worked out, doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she did take that chance,” she says. “I think it is a happy ending in that way.”

As for how the ending helps Brennan reconcile any feelings, Deschanel is already seeing her character’s reaction in future scripts. “It may not be the reaction people want, but she rarely is predictable in that way,” says Deschanel. “My favorite thing about people is that they have contradictions. And Brennan is no exception to that rule. I love exploring the contradictions of her character.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell