emily deschanel bones premiere 'Bones': Emily Deschanel on Brennan's jealousy and not being a cougar

On the Season 6 premiere of “Bones,” fans will see a side to Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) they’re not used to. Our clinical heroine exhibits hints of jealousy.

No, it’s not obvious, and Brennan may not even realize it herself, but there’s a notable seed of envy when Booth (David Boreanaz) returns from Afghanistan, smitten with another woman.

Zap2it caught up with Deschanel at FOX’s fall premieres party, and the actress had some thoughts on her character’s potential emotional thawing. “She feels something, but she doesn’t understand what’s happening,” says Deschanel. “She’s covered her emotions so much, and built this wall around her. I think there’s jealousy there, but she’d never admit it to anyone else and certainly she wouldn’t admit it to herself. I don’t even think she can let that happen.”

Well, it definitely won’t happen immediately. Hannah (Katheryn Winnick), Booth’s new girlfriend, is around for an indeterminate number of episodes, so if Brennan does come to terms with her jealousy, expect a slow burn.

“Brennan is always evolving, and she’s certainly become more personable… or striving to become more personable and understanding of human beings and human interaction. I think that can be the next step, to be aware of her emotions.” 

And while we’re all still waiting for her to come around, her partner has stopped — at least for now. “There’s a tentative quality to Booth when we come back,” Deschanel says. “He’s had his heart broken, and he doesn’t want to even go there again or consider that… Brennan wants to be happy for him, but she’s struggling with her emotions. It’s definitely a new dynamic, for sure.”

Deschanel also offered some tidbits on upcoming episodes. In addition to the previously reported “Jersey Shore” homage, murdered street performer investigation and David Alan Grier‘s guest stint as a Mr. Wizard-esque TV host, Brennan and Booth go on a “cougar cruise” in November, where some of the young men on the lookout for older women fall for Brennan instead.

“I would hope I’m not quite a cougar yet,” says 33-year-old Deschanel, channeling a bit of Brennan’s cultural confusion. “Maybe that’s why I’m attractive to the guys.”

Emily, you’ve definitely got a decade and change before you even approach cougar status.

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell