best lines bones mad men game of thrones 'Bones,' 'Mad Men' and more best lines from the week of May 18 24The spring semester of TV is winding down, but there are still a few gems to be had. Here are the best lines from the week of May 18-24.


Jack Crawford
: “Hannibal thinks you’re his man in the room. I think you’re mine.”

: “When the moment comes, will you do what needs to be done?”

“Modern Family”

Claire: “I’m not so sure about the magic trick. It’s a wedding, don’t you think people should be focused on Cam and Mitch?”

Phil: “I’m hoping so, it will be the perfect misdirect.”


Miles, to the captured, evil president of the United States: “Have a nice trip, sweetheart. Enjoy all the … torture.”

“Mad Men”

Peggy: “I just turned 30, Don.”
Don: “S***. When?”

“Game of Thrones”

Littlefinger: “A lot can happen between now and never.”

Tyrion, to Jaime: “You’re the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, f*** your own sister; you’ll always be the golden son.”

Melisandre, to Selyse: “When I looked into the flames this morning, the Lord spoke to me. He said, ‘Tonight you will have your last good bath in a long while. Make it count.’ [awkward silence] A joke. Not a very good one, I’m afraid.”

Oberyn, of Cersei: “It is rare to meet a Lannister who shares my enthusiasm for dead Lannisters.”

Robin, to Sansa of Winterfell: “Why did you leave?”
Sansa: “It’s a long story.”

Littlefinger, before pushing Lysa out the Moon Door: “Oh, my sweet wife. My sweet, silly wife. I have only loved one woman. Only one, my entire life. Your sister.”


Woman, about Abe and Anna: “Trust me, there’s no love lost between those two.”


Booth: “Could you drink enough booze to explode?”
Hodgins: “I actually did the math on that in college.”

Hodgins: “Fisher is just starting to realize that murderers are bad.”

Brennan: “You kept C4 in our garage?”

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