bones the shot in the dark brennan emily deschanel fox 'Bones' preview: 5 things to know about 'The Shot in the Dark'

How can the Jeffersonian solve a crime when Brennan is the one who gets shot? We will have to hope they can, because that is exactly what happens in “The Shot in the Dark.” Check out these five “Bones” spoilers to get a hint of all that happens in this emotional episode.

Brennan (Emily Deschanel) finds her very life in danger when she gets shot late at night in the lab. While Booth (David Boreanaz) does find her quickly, Brennan hovers near death for quite awhile. This injury brings with it a surprising side effect — Temperance Brennan spends time with her dead mother.

For more, check out these five spoilers from the episode.

1. Cam (Tamara Taylor) initially identifies the current murder victim as Humpty Dumpty. She knows that’s not the real identity.

2. Brennan briefly hangs out with a security guard at the beginning of the episode. He is not played by Enrico Colantoni. Sorry.

3. As a small child, Temperance Brennan liked flower-patterned upholstery. Her tastes have changed since then.

4. Obviously, Brennan survives the initial attack. Within mere seconds of regaining consciousness, Brennan starts trying to solve the mystery. Her assistance on the case is, however, cut short by important and life-threatening complications.

5. There are times when Hodgins’ (T.J. Thyne) strange passions and ideas come in handy during an investigation. No one else would have the weirdness to figure out how bullets could simply disappear.

“The Shot in the Dark” airs on Monday, Feb. 11 at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown