bones quotes the but in the joke emily deschanel david boreanaz fox 'Bones' quotes: The art and humor spoken in 'The But in the Joke'

“Bones” always has the best quotes. Thus, an episode like “The But in the Joke” — in which comedy plays a major role — must have many witty things to say. Here are some of the best.

Hodgins: “Babe, I need your secret stash of peanut butter!”

Angela: “The sparkplug you married conducted an unfettered sex life and never lived anywhere for more than a couple of years.”

Fisher: “Are we allowed to laugh?”

Zed: “Everyone here is this weird combo of smart and dumb.”

Zed: “You can’t just pin me down and slather peanut butter all over my private self!”

Fisher: “It’s weird when the remains talk.”

Brennan: “I find their upbeat demeanor highly suspicious.”

Fisher: “I already slathered him with peanut butter, plied with pharmaceuticals… Now I gotta give him a sponge bath?”

Fisher: “My routine is dark, disturbing and uncomfortable. Just the way a comedy show should be.”

Sweets: “If anyone knows heckling, it’s Fisher.”

Angela: “Cool isn’t really a thing anymore.”
Hodgins: “Thank you for proving my point.”

Hodgins: “I hate to think about how many turnips this guy bludgeoned to death.”

Fisher: “Laugh! Laugh at the emptiness of my pain!”

Annie Pinkus: “I’m not funny. I write funny. But I’m not funny. Some people are funny. Like you. Others, like me, we do better off writing for the funny people.”

Angela: “Comedian killed by a brutal swirly…”

Posted by:Laurel Brown