bones prince in the plastic 'Bones' recap: Child's playNot every week can be a slam dunk on “Bones.” “The Prince in the Plastic,” while amusing enough, didn’t really advance our story very much.

At the very least, it did give us another Brennan baby-related revelation. Since the case revolved around a toy executive, Bones realized that she’s not exactly the “playing” type. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to bond with her daughter. As always, Angela helped her realize that she can relate to children and the basic ways in which toys can entertain.

The ever-patient Booth helped too, reminding Brennan that their baby will be half him, and thus have the requisite social skills.

Booth also dealt with Sweets’ new quest to get his firearm commission. Where that desire came from, we’ll never know — but at least the thought of Sweets with a gun is terrifying, hilarious and an ultimately completely plausible proposition. It should lead to some fun scenarios in the future, though.

What did you think of “The Prince in the Plastic”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley