bones finn 702 'Bones' recap: How did you like new Squintern Finn?

“The Hot Dog in the Competition,” the second episode of “Bones'” second season, introduced us to the newest member of the Jeffersonian team, Finn Abernathy. 
Though the boy (he’s 18!) spent three years in Juvy, he managed to acquire both his college degree and a Brennan-approved knowledge of forensics during his stint behind bars. He’s controversial, not only because it could be damaging if a prosecutor decided to use his now-sealed record against the FBI in a court case, but also because news reports allege that he killed his stepfather.
For the record, we very much enjoyed him despite the ridiculous down-home accent. It took a little getting used to for the rest of the team, but he seems to fit in well. Plus, he’s really, really smart (the main factor to earn Brennan’s approval) and so polite that you can’t help but like him. Also, he’s cute, long hair and all. That doesn’t hurt either.
The case focused on a murdered competitive eater very clearly modeled after Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas (did they use her photos in the actual show? We couldn’t tell), which made a fun background for the other important events of the episode — namely Brennan and Booth finding out the gender of their baby.
Brennan broke the news to Booth in a very Bones-y way — in public at the murder scene. In case you’re wondering, the little Booth/Breenan baby (what is their couple name, you guys?!) is going to be a girl. When Booth understandably got mad, Brennan apologized. “I had no idea our child’s genitals were so important to you.” LOL together now!
All in all, a fun outing. What did you think?
Posted by:Jean Bentley