Believe it or not, we have already come to the end of another season of “Bones.” The Season 8 finale, “The Secret in the Siege,” airs on Monday (April 29), bringing the team’s nemesis, Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds), back into the picture. Also making its return in this final episode is the relationship status of Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Will they make their togetherness official with an engagement? Or can we expect rough roads ahead. Get a finale preview with these three videos from “The Secret in the Siege.”

This isn’t going to be a fun and happy “Bones,” of course. No matter where Booth and Brennan decide to take things, a maimed and angry Pelant (remember — Booth injured the serial killer when last they met) is out to get revenge. His target in this go-round? That would be Booth.

The issue of engagement and marriage comes up early in the episode.

It’s not clear who is so happy in matrimony, but Brennan is protesting the idea for her future. Is she protesting too much? Probably. But Brennan is still not okay with the institution of marriage, at least at the beginning of this finale.

It looks like Brennan is also not okay with Booth being a potential target.

The result of this is one of the most touching scenes between Booth and Brennan ever. Seriously, if you need proof that these two are in love, all you need are these two lines:

  • “We’re smarter than he is. You’re smarter. You’re the smartest person in the world. Ever. I mean, since the beginning of time.” — Booth
  • “You are not allowed to die. Do you understand?” — Brennan

Will Booth die? Will Brennan propose? Will they finally catch Pelant? Find out when “The Secret in the Siege” airs on Monday, April 29 at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown