bones season 9 episode 20 high in the low booth brennan fox 'Bones' Season 9, episode 20: Medical marijuana and Wendell in 'The High in the Low'

Murder isn’t crime enough in the “Bones” Season 9 episode, “The High in the Low.” Issues of marijuana legalization and its medicinal uses also come to play in this one.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that Wendell Bray is back and not dead! He just has a few pot issues of his own to deal with through the cancer …

Murder and marijuana

The case of the week in “The High in the Low” focuses on the murder of a young woman named Abby Briggs. She had suffered from lupus before her death and turned to medical marijuana to deal with the symptoms. Cannabis worked so well that Abby eventually began to work at a marijuana dispensary.

She also started growing marijuana out in the woods, looking for a strain that would be high in medicinal usage but low in intoxication. Abby succeeded in this, but then she was killed for it.

Although the other dispensary workers are the main suspects, the killer is actually a young kid from a nearby university. Abby had found out that his medical card wasn’t legal and cut him off. The problem is, the kid is a pot dealer and needed a supply. So he followed Abby to the woods, hit her over the head with an award (accidentally killing the woman) and stole half of the plants.

It’s too bad that campus potheads want marijuana to get high, not to ease medical conditions.

Wendell has no hair now

In an impressively related storyline, Wendell Bray is back from his cancer treatments! He is bald (which looks seriously odd on this guy — he has a very large head) and there are bags under his eyes, but Wendell is actually in pretty good shape for someone who has just gone through aggressive chemotherapy.

There’s just one downside of the treatment, and that’s the side effects. Like the murder victim, Wendell has turned to medical marijuana to keep going. This would be great, but marijuana use is illegal in a federal workplace, no matter what the reason.

He especially can’t use pot because of the criminal cases. Wendell has to be fired.

But wait! Wendell can’t just go! No, “Bones” figures out a way to not only keep Wendell around but also to give the guy an office. Caroline the federal prosecutor says Wendell can be re-hired as a consultant and just can’t touch the evidence directly.

Everyone is happy. Now “Bones” just needs to not kill Wendell with this cancer. That would not be OK.

Booth is a quantifiably better man because of Brennan

As a side-story throughout the episode, Booth is preparing for his FBI fitness tests. Brennan and Sweets both think that Booth should do some mind games in order to beat that 90th percentile in mind games the agent always gets. Booth isn’t so interested.

But he does play a few games, and when the tests come around — part of which involves playing that awful game where the puzzle pieces pop out after a certain amount of time (cue nightmares from early childhood) — Booth aces everything. He even makes the 97th percentile on the intellectual stuff!

In celebration, Booth and Brennan break federal law by drinking out on the Mall. Seems about right for an episode like this one.

Final note

Considering the subject matter of “The High in the Low,” it’s kind of too bad that this isn’t episode 20 of Season 4. But what can you do?

Posted by:Laurel Brown