bones 921 recap the cold in the case brennan fox 'Bones' Season 9, episode 21: A modern day Frankenstein in 'The Cold in the Case'

“Bones” has never shied away from creepy plots, and the Season 9 episode, “The Cold in the Case,” is definitely not an exception. Who knew cryogenics would take such a Dr. Frankenstein-esque turn?

‘Cold’ case doesn’t refer to time in this episode

When it’s first discovered, the murder victim’s body provides a major mystery to the researchers at the Jeffersonian. Decomposition isn’t proceeding as expected, there’s no sign of trauma and multiple times of death are indicated.

The solution to all of this is cryogenics. It turns out that the victim, Madeleine Papadalos, was the grieving mother of a girl who died of cystic fibrosis. She had had the girl’s body frozen and was a firm believer in the cause.

Alas, it turns out that this belief led to her own death. Madeleine had been working closely with the head of the cryogenics facility, Dr. Noah Summers, and the man had fallen in love with her. When she didn’t return the emotions  — and when she found him hacking into bodies for organs and whatnot — he ended up freezing her, apparently to death.

The deluded Dr. Frankenstein thought that he would be able to revive Madeleine and her daughter in the future. Thus, he didn’t kill her in his own mind. The man’s jealous wife did that when she dumped Madeleine’s body.

Hot tempers flare for the Vaziris

On the personal front, Cam and Arastoo are doing great. They’re doing so great, in fact, that Arastoo wants to introduce Cam to his parents. She is more than a little apprehensive about that but — with some counseling from Hodgins (who knows all about difficult parents) — she agrees to meet the elder Vaziris.

It doesn’t go well, although much of the fault is on Arastoo. A few questions from Azita and Arman, and Arastoo blows up, yelling in the restaurant and dragging Cam out of the door.

Apparently, this is an old story in the Vaziri household. Arastoo hasn’t gotten past his parents’ disapproval of his wild, younger days. And the parents are just figuring out that he is an adult. Later on at Cam’s apartment, however, they walk in on the two in pajamas and are totally understanding of this very adult relationship.

They even admire Cam for being accomplished and for raising Michelle alone.

Is ‘Bones’ moving to Germany next season?

Throughout the episode, Booth is stressed by extra work from the assistant director of the FBI. That work, mixed with psychological evaluations ordered from Sweets, indicate that Booth is up for a promotion.

It seems that the powers that be might want Booth to run a field office in Germany. But Booth isn’t excited. Not only would he need to move Brennan and Christine overseas, but he is afraid that the agency really wants him to work as a sniper on special-ops missions.

That wouldn’t be good.

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