bones season 9 finale recluse in the recliner booth david boreanaz fox 'Bones' Season 9 finale: 'The Recluse in the Recliner' goes out with a bang

To say the “Bones” Season 9 finale, “The Recluse in the Recliner,” goes out with a bang is to be extremely literal. Not only does the victim of the week explode, but Booth and Brennan’s lovely home is all but destroyed by commandos trying to kill them.

This could end up being a very, very big deal in Season 10.

You can explode if you drink too much?

From the start, the murder in “The Recluse in the Recliner” is an odd case. Not only did Booth get a call from the victim, Wesley Foster, right before he died, but it also turns out the guy died by exploding stomach. This is seriously what they go with, a potent combination of smoking and lots of alcohol.

Thus, Foster’s death could be an accident. But it isn’t.

Research on the remains quickly proves that Foster died before the fire even started and that someone most likely forced a tube down his throat to add the alcohol. There is also significant evidence of torture. What’s going on here?

It turns out that Foster is a conspiracy theorist and a former journalist who stole classified information from a securities company owned by the now-notorious McNamara family. Since Booth was looking into that family as part of the Ghost Killer case, he was the man contacted.

Surprisingly, the nut actually got an incredible amount of proof and hid it quite literally where no one would think to look: In a nipple ring. Angela (with an assist from Hodgins and a soda machine) decrypts the data to find a large amount of blackmail fodder, showing that everyone on every level could be compromised.

The mysterious “They” of this case could be a major problem.

Auf wiedersehen, Germany!

Booth finds out that there’s one problem pretty much right away. He goes into his confirmation hearing in order to get that fancy Germany job, but Congressman Hadley — formerly a friend — reveals that Booth may have once assassinated an American in Pakistan.

This is generally frowned upon outside of covert circles, and Booth’s chances have tanked. He knows it’s part of the conspiracy that killed Foster though and plans accordingly. While the Jeffersonian hides their continued research, Booth sets a trap for the commandos responsible for killing Foster.

What could go wrong?

Showdown at the dream house

In addition to a possible assassination back in the day, we learn a couple of important things about Seeley Booth in this episode. One: He stores C4 explosives in the family garage. Two: Booth is seriously going to need to redecorate at some point in Season 10.

But Booth does manage to defend himself from an onslaught of commandos after sending away Brennan and Christine (in only her second sighting of the season). Exploding knickknacks and lots of guns and Brennan coming back even after Booth totally told her not to are what lead to the commandos’ defeat.

Unfortunately, Booth also gets quite badly shot in the meantime.

‘Bones’ Season 10: Behind bars?

Rushed into surgery and having a couple of flat-line moments, it kind of looks like Booth might not even make it to Season 10 for awhile. But he does, and all should be well!

It’s not. Brennan rushes back to see her husband, only to find the man under guard, handcuffed and about to be arrested for the murder of three FBI agents. Then Brennan gets taken in for questioning as well.

Is “Bones” Season 10 going to start behind bars? Who is behind the conspiracy? Why was Booth so blatantly targeted?

Fans now get to enjoy many, many months of wondering about those questions before the new season of “Bones” returns. Have a great summer!

Posted by:Laurel Brown