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“Bones” is heading into its final run of Season 9 episodes, and there is a lot coming up, if you believe executive producers Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson. The two offered plenty of spoilers when talking to reporters recently:

The Ghost Killer and the end of Season 9

Although s/he has been hinted at throughout most of Season 9, there hasn’t been much movement with the so-called Ghost Killer. The team at the Jeffersonian isn’t even completely convinced that such a person exists. Thus, it’s reasonable to think that the Killer isn’t going to show up until the very end of the season.

That’s not exactly how it works.

“It will be tangentially a part of the season finale,” Nathan says. “We’ll be revisiting the Ghost Killer in episode 20. And we will find that the Ghost Killer is just the tip of an iceberg.”

Yes, it sounds like there is more to the Ghost Killer than just a single serial murderer. Could there be some sort of network of killers out there? “It is going to lead us into a big conspiracy that appears as if it goes back to the FBI,” Nathan adds. “So it’s a way for us to do a continuing story that doesn’t revolve around one murderer. It takes us down the rabbit hole in a way that’s a little more complicated and a little darker than we have in the past.”

Is Wendell going the way of Vincent Nigel-Murray?

One of the biggest shocks of “Bones” Season 9 was the unexpected and terrifying cancer diagnosis for squintern Wendell Bray. Is Wendell coming back? Is he doomed?

Neither Nathan nor Hanson will say how it’s all going to turn out, but they do have plenty to explain as to why it is Wendell and what the journey might be like. “Wendell will be coming back this season. He’s coming back, I think it’s in episode 18,” explains Nathan. “We will not tell you how it ends, but we will revisit Wendell. He will come back mid-treatment and be working at the Jeffersonian still in his old job.  Although, that will get very, very complicated, and it will not unfold the way, I think, we expect it to.”

Why was Wendell picked to deal with such a life-threatening situation? That would be pretty much because everyone likes him. “Wendell is sort of the most all-American guy, and he and Booth are so close.”

Hanson agrees: “Wendell’s one of our most sympathetic characters. And he has the most relationship with Booth and Brennan, so he was the best candidate to do a sad and intense story.”

Disgusting corpses, squintern bits and Season 10

What else is coming as Season 9 rolls into Season 10? Here are some more tidbits left by the producers.

Where are they going with Season 10?

“I think that if Season 10 is our final season then at least the macro version of what I had in mind, we’ll be able to use,” says Hanson. “If we go past Season 10, the series will need a bit of an invention.”

Someone other than Brennan is writing a book!

That would be Dr. Clark Edison, Brennan’s most accomplished and private squintern. “I can tell you the name of the book is ‘Murder Made Me Do It,’ so you can imagine what Clark has done,” Nathan teases.

How does the newest squintern, Rodolfo Fuentes, fit in?

“[Ignacio Serricchio]’s playing a Cuban defector who was the chief forensic anthropologist in Havana, but his credentials don’t work here,” explains Nathan. “As often happens with people who come from another country, they have to get accreditation again … The Secretary of State has asked the Jeffersonian to give him the position because he needs an internship before he gets his accreditation. So he essentially is an equal with Brennan, but Brennan is his boss. And he is in fact an intern.” 

Lots of disgusting bodies are coming

“We try to make them all equally revolting,” Nathan says. “The season finale has a delightfully revolting body. We have somebody coming up who has been discovered wrapped in kudzu. But really I think one of the most revolting places we find some remains coming up is in a septic tank.”

“Bones” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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