bones spin off 'Bones' spin off in the works: Who would you cast as the male Dr. Brennan?

Can’t get enough “Bones?” Well, you may be in luck.

Deadline reports the series is currently considering a potential  spin-off — though not one about any character we’ve already met. (There goes our dream of Dr. Hodgins, children’s TV host.)

Instead, the series would focus on a new recurring character, Walter Sherman, who gets his introduction in the Dec. 6 episode. A former military policeman, he served with Booth (David Boreanez) in the Iraq war, though the two apparently can’t stand one another.

Sherman, based on Richard Greener‘s “The Locator” book series, is described as an “eccentric, obstreperous and amusing reclusive man in his late 20s-30s with highly sought after abilities to find anything” who frequently “asks offensive, seemingly irrelevant questions.”

Sound familiar? That more or less sums up the male version of Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel), albeit one with a bit more hermit-ish tendencies.

If the idea goes to series, the project would be created and spearheaded by “Bones” creator Hart Hanson. And in the meantime, there’s no word on the number of “Bones” episodes the character will appear in regardless.

So if this really is a boy “Bones,” who would you like to see cast? Our first thought is the recently unemployed James Wolk (“Lone Star”), but we’re open to other suggestions.

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credit: FOX

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell