bones tj thyne leah park german castle engagement gi 'Bones' TJ Thyne proposes to Leah Park at a German castle

“Bones” actor TJ Thyne plays the oft-romantic Dr. Jack Hodgins on TV, but who knew he was just as sentimental in real life? That became very clear on Monday (Dec. 30), when Thyne proposed to his girlfriend, Leah Park, at a castle in Germany.

The whole event was captured on the couple’s Instagram feeds, showing just how ridiculously romantic the whole thing was. Even before Thyne proposed, Park posted a photo of fresh fruit, noting that the vacation made her feel like a princess:

But that was nothing compared to the proposal itself. Having hired professional photographers to capture the moment, Thyne got down on one knee outside of the castle:

He also brought in a fairytale-like coach with white horses:

We should not forget a heart made out of candles to frame the loving couple:

Finally, there is the engagement ring itself, which looks quite lovely in a final photo:

What do you think: Romantic or over-the-top?

Posted by:Laurel Brown