Two things that don’t usually go together — family reunions and strippers — will meet in the next “Bones” episode, “The Party in the Pants.” Not only will we get to meet Booth’s mother (Joanna Cassidy) for the first time, but we may get a peek at the FBI agent with his clothes off.

What could be better than that?

When a guy like Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) — a man with an awful lot of parental issues — finds his long-absent mother just sitting in his office, what happens? The next video has the answer.

“I wasn’t sure you’d remember me — what’s it been, 25 years?” This would be why Booth has issues with his parents. Seriously, a mother who stays away for more than two decades without mean criminals chasing her? This is going to be stressful, even if mother and son have a happy reunion at first.

He doesn’t have too much time to ponder the ramifications of this return, not when a new body has been found.

They don’t have a particularly tough time beginning the identification of their victim. Velcro, tear-away pants and a thong are kind of a giveaway …

It quickly becomes clear that the victim of the week is a male stripper. Naturally, this is the main topic of discussion when Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) examine the remains.

“When did empowerment come to mean stuffing dollar bills down a man’s pants?” “The ’70s. I already said that. You should pay closer attention.”

As it turns out, Brennan did more than just study stripping — she also participated in it. Large fans were involved.

Booth, on the other hand, is opposed to the whole idea of stripping. Unfortunately, he also tends to wear that “Cocky” belt buckle. What else are a bunch of partying women to think?

The stress between Booth and his mother is definitely starting to show later when the two are spending time together at the Booth-Brennan house. Even a happy dance number begins to cause tension.

“You can’t have too many noodles!” No, you can’t. If nothing else, this “Bones” episode, airing on Monday, April 15 at 8pm on FOX, makes this very clear.

Posted by:Laurel Brown