“Bones” Season 8 returns from its winter hiatus on Monday, Jan. 14 with a special double episode. The first of these episodes, “The Diamond in the Rough,” deals with a murder that happens in the world of competitive ballroom dance. Judges and dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance” will guest-star to make it all seem more real.

What’s with the title? You may have noticed in the first video that the body under examination is rather sparkly. Since “Bones” is a show that prides itself on disgusting bodies, it’s kind of cool to see one that’s actually pretty. Too bad Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will have to take off all the crystals.

By the time we get to the next clip, the team has identified the body. It turns out that she was a competitor in a dance show.

“Special K” — isn’t that a slang term for drugs? And is “Bones” going to explain the background of why Booth (David Boreanaz) was paying for college by teaching dance classes?

The victim’s partner is likely either the next victim, or else he’s the murderer himself. Which one? Undercover work might hold the answer!

Oh, the things Booth and Brennan never bother to tell each other… Can Brennan learn dancing from watching TV? If anyone can, it’s probably her. But whether she can dance or not, Brennan is excited about the chance to go undercover. Very excited.

Of course, if Booth and Brennan are going to keep their cover going, they’ll have to actually dance.

Is there any chance that Brennan would believe she’s doing it wrong?

Because this is a double episode, there are even more videos we usually get. The rest of the clips come from “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon.”

The first of the clips starts out with a domestic scene in the Booth-Brennan household. Peek-a-boo features prominently.

Is it just me, or is the kid playing Christine rather similar-looking to Emily Deschanel? Impressive casting. Also, “Uncle Sweets!”

Things are much less domestic in the next scene. Murders in the great outdoors are like that.

Somehow, the victim is in a cocoon in a tree. That’s weird. There’s a film called “The Mothman Prophecies” that I’m reminded of right now. That’s weird too.

The final clip from the double-episode takes place back in the lab. Clark (Eugene Byrd) is at the Jeffersonian this week and ready for conflict with Brennan.

It’s nice that “Bones” remembers the division of labor between Brennan and Clark. Even if Brennan chooses not to recall it.

“The Diamond in the Rough” and “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon” will air on Monday, Jan. 14 starting at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown