bones wedding woman in white letter christine fox 'Bones' wedding questions: What was in Brennan's original letter? Where was Christine?

Now that the “Bones” wedding has come off without any major hitches (it’s no big deal to burn down a church, right?), it’s time to figure out the details and answer a few lingering questions.

Where was Christine at her parents’ wedding? Was Brennan’s wedding vow the original note written when she was buried alive? Can we hope for a bachelor party?

In an interview with TVLine, “Bones” executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan answered a few questions about the wedding. Check out some of the most important answers below.

Question: Was it the original note?
Answer: Nope. There was one written back at the time of the “Aliens in a Spaceship” episode when Brennan and Hodgins were buried alive. It’s just that that note didn’t exactly fit in the spirit of a wedding.

“I actually wrote the note from that episode a gazillion years ago to sort of remind me to use it,” Hanson explained. “It was ‘Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t get to me in time. I enjoyed working with you.’ It didn’t lend itself to the poetry of wedding vows.”

Question: Where was Christine?
Answer: Somewhere off-camera, probably crying. Apparently, the twins who portray Christine were traumatized by the large crowds and just didn’t want to be there. Because crying babies don’t exactly add to the ambiance of a wedding, Christine didn’t make it. “We also didn’t want to torture the child,” Hanson said.

Question: Was there a bachelor or bachelorette party?
Answer: Not yet. But Angela is likely to throw one in the Nov. 11 episode (after Booth and Brennan return from Argentina).

Question: Is it happily ever after from now on?
Answer: Hardly. Christopher Pelant is dead and gone (yay!), but a new enemy is about to emerge. Details of this character — set to come to the forefront in episode 10 — are vague. But according to Nathan, the working name for the Big Bad is “The Ghost Killer.”

“Bones” currently airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown