bonnie and clyde part 1 'Bonnie & Clyde' Part 1: Did the bloody, bank robbing tale captivate or bore?

The tale of “Bonnie & Clyde’s” crime spree is being brought to life once more, this time in a joint effort by three networks. So how did Part 1 fare on Sunday (Dec. 8)?

The four-hour miniseries begins with quite the depressing imagery of Bonnie Parker (Holliday Granger) and Clyde Barrow (Emile Hirsch), their corpses dead and bloodied, being carted through town in their car riddled with bullet holes. We all know where the story is headed, but getting there should be half the fun, right?

Wrong. While the plot itself has potential — Bonnie and Clyde’s infamous crime spree has fascinated the country for the past 80 years — and the modern re-telling sprinkles feminist ideas into this version’s Bonnie, the slow pace and disjointed storytelling leave a lot to be desired. We are supposed to be captivated by Bonnie and Clyde’s love at first sight, the overwhelming passion that led them to their life of crime, but they constantly seem like strangers who were never on the same page.

Clyde makes it clear he is only robbing to get enough to make a life for Bonnie — he even wants to buy a house and have a ton of kids. But Bonnie … well, she is only it it for the fame. When Clyde brings up babies, she can barely keep the look of disgust off of her face. Aren’t these two supposed to be a team?

With the introduction of Clyde’s “premonitions” and Bonnie’s panic attacks, these two don’t carry the bravado we expect to see in the lawless couple. They’re unsympathetic. When Bonnie and Clyde’s latest heist ends up in an accidental murder, Bonnie is more upset over the photo the newspapers used of her than the life that was lost. Even Clyde, who was raped during his first stint in prison, doesn’t garner any sympathy as he never speaks of the ordeal or acknowledges that it happened.

“Bonnie & Clyde” concludes its two-night event on Monday (Dec. 9) on History, A&E, and Lifetime.

What did you think of Part 1 of “Bonnie & Clyde?” Will you tune back in for the conclusion to the miniseries?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum