jeffrey hall joseph hall boy killed neo nazi dad Boy who killed neo Nazi dad blames 'Criminal Minds'Joseph Hall, a California boy currently on trial for killing his neo-Nazi father when he was 10 years old, is blaming the act on the TV series “Criminal Minds.” 

According to the LA Times, Hall says he was influenced by an episode in which a young boy killed his abusive father and suffered no punishment for the act. This led Hall to believe he could get away with killing his own abusive father. Hall is currently being tried as a juvenile in the shooting death of his father in May 2011.

While the defense concedes that Joseph did commit the crime, they argue that he cannot be held responsible. Hall’s public defender Matthew Hardy believes that growing up in a house filled with hate and violence that was a frequent gathering spot for neo-Nazi’s corrupted his sense of right and wrong. “He thought his situation was normal,” said Hardy of the more than 20 visits from social service investigators, none of which removed him from the home.

The case will be decided by a judge who will determine if Joseph knew his actions were wrong at the time of the shooting. If it is determined that Joseph knew he was doing wrong a hearing will be held to determine punishment. However if it’s decided he didn’t know what he was doing was wrong, he will be set free. If released, it’s unclear where he would be placed — either with relatives or into the custody of the department of social services. 

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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