Brad-Pitt-Angelina-Jolie.jpgBrad Pitt recently said that he’s hoping to retire from acting by age 50 — and his partner, Angelina Jolie, is eying some extended time off as well. Jolie visited Anderson Cooper‘s talk show for an interview set to air next week and admitted that she and Brad both prefer not to work. (Don’t we all?)

“I’m happy for it. No, we were both racing to see which one of us gets to retire first,” Jolie says. “We both, like most people, we like being home. Whoever is the
one who’s home tends to be the happier one because we get to play with
the kids and the other one is out earning the money.”

Both Pitt and Jolie have left the glamorous life behind, she says. “I’m the most boring. I’m not totally boring, but we do often say that because we don’t go out
clubbing, we’re not big into fashion. We do a lot of dealing with kids
and stuff.”

Jolie is currently working on making sure each of her children has ties to his or her birth country in the form of a charity. “There’s a TB/AIDS clinic being built for Zahara; there’s a clinic
already for Mad[dox],” she says. “So each of them will take that responsibility.
They are from their country and they are of their country and they
should know that, it’s part of their family, we are their family but so
is their country.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie