brad pitt angelina jolie breath mints rumor gi Brad Pitt gives Angelina Jolie breath mints for Valentine's Day   How romantic!Well, this pretty much takes the cake as far as lame Valentine’s Day gifts go. Brad Pitt reportedly gave his lady love and mom of his six children, Angelina Jolie, breath mints in lieu of flowers or chocolate. Ouch.

US Weekly talked to an insider who says Brad “always teases [Angelina] that she has bad breath … It is sort of a joke — and not.” The Eatwhatever mints Brad gave Angie promise kissable breath in two steps, but it’s not likely he got many smooches after that faux pas. Jolie probably swallowed the gelcap, sucked on the mint, and added a third step: sending Brad to sleep on the couch.

Since the future Mrs. Pitt (well, maybe not after this stunt) shared recently that her kids like to eat crickets, perhaps she should consider re-gifting the mints to Pax and Maddox.

The couple’s friend says Brad plans to get Angelina “something more serious” after the gag gift. Bets on how much the makeup gift will cost him?

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