brad pitt getty images Brad Pitt says he plans to quit acting in three yearsFor anyone holding out hope for “Ocean’s 14,” your hopes are probably dashed. Brad Pitt says he’s going to quit acting in three years.

The star of countless films from “Fight Club” to “Moneyball” tells the Australian show “60 Minutes” that he’s going to retire from working in front of the camera when he turns 50.

Of course, fans of the multi-time “Sexiest Man Alive” and two-time Oscar nominee will be wondering what his plans are next. Pitt has a simple answer.

“Hell if I know,” he says. He adds that, in reality, he’ll probably become more involved in behind-the-scenes work including production and development.

“I am really enjoying the producing side and development of stories and putting those pieces together,” he says.

Of course Pitt has got to be pretty darn busy anyway with the six children he has with life partner Angelina Jolie. Pitt explains having kids will help in selecting his few remaining films.

Pitt says, “If I’m choosing a film now, I want it to be maybe less immature than things I have done in the past…I’m very conscious that when they’re adults I want it to mean something to them. I want them to think, ‘Dad’s alright.'”

Posted by:David Eckstein