In the newest edition of “Between Two Ferns,” Pitt stops by to chat with funnyman Zach Galifianakis about everything under moon, and, of course, ends up getting drilled with insulting questions. (You know, the norm for the Funny or Die web series.) 

In the clip, things start out traditionally awkward when Galifianakis asks someone off camera why he’s “back to interviewing dumb actors” when his last interview was with President Obama. Meanwhile, Pitt just sits there waiting for the rest of the insults to flood in.

Checkout some of the most hilariously weird and rude questions that the host asks the “Fury” actor during the segment: 

  • How old were you when you lost your virginity … zero?
  • Showers: Why don’t you take them?
  • “Fury” … When does that come out on DVD?
  • Do you mind if I borrow one or two of your sperms?
  • After a big meal on Thanksgiving, do you ever just unbutton your pants and go, “Oh, boy”?
  • When you and Clooney get dressed up in your tuxes together, do you ever kind of look at each other and go, “Aren’t we a couple of Dapper Dans”?
  • Is it hard for you to maintain a suntan … because you live in your wife’s shadow?
  • Tell me what it was like the first time that you laid eyes on Angelina. Was it like one of those classical love stories, like when, I don’t know, Ross first saw Rachel? You know that show, “Friends”? Have you seen it?
  • Do you think people focus too much on your looks and don’t notice that you’re just a s***** actor?

Oh, and jump to 2:55 to watch Louis C.K. stop by for an impromptu comedy set.

Posted by:Casey Rackham