Bradley Cooper stops by “The Late, Late Show” Friday (July 25) and one of the hot topics of conversation is “Game of Thrones,” of which Cooper is apparently a huge fan. In the above clip, he has two awesome things to say about the show so far.

First: “I miss Bean, though, the guy from the first season. I wish he was still in it.”

You are not alone in that sentiment, friend. But might we direct Mr. Cooper here (be warned of spoilers).

Secondly, Cooper has some serious feelings about the way Tywin Lannister was dispensed of in the Season 4 finale — he thinks it should have been bloodier, which is not a complaint often heard about “Game of Thrones.”

Cooper says: “You know what I didn’t like about the last episode, the finale? … I didn’t like it when dad got killed and they didn’t linger on it. They shot him and then it was overhead and it was done. … I wanted it to be like ‘L.A. Confidential,’ remember when Spacey gets killed? He’s just sittin’ there watching him. [Tyrion] should’ve watched his dad die, Dinklage is gettin’ killed through the whole thing. [Tywin is] bangin’ his girl, remember he’s bangin’ his girl?! … Dad always said, ‘Don’t bang the hookers!'”


Below, Cooper and host Craig Ferguson talk about if Cooper had his own fragrance line. Ferguson has a bang-up idea for the commercial: “It’d be you with your shirt off, that’d be it.”

Bradley Cooper can be seen (well, heard) in theaters starting Friday, Aug. 1 in the latest Marvel superhero movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

%name Bradley Cooper is a 'Game of Thrones' geek, misses Sean Bean

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