bradley cooper commando oscars ellen degeneres show gi Bradley Cooper on 'Ellen': Going commando to the White House, finding his Oscars date

Bradley Cooper is as charming as ever on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” even when talking about meeting the president without any underwear. Yes, Cooper went commando to a White House state dinner. The guy also lives with his mother and takes her to awards shows.

Really, if he weren’t so charming, talented and handsome, Cooper might be considered a loser. But no one is ever going to say that about the actor.

Cooper’s living/dating situation and his White House social gaffe come out in an Ellen DeGeneres interview airing Monday (Feb. 17).

In the first clip from the interview, Cooper talks about his Oscar nomination and his quandary about who should be the man’s date. It seems that — even though he’s a nominee for “American Hustle” — Cooper only gets one guest ticket. Both Cooper’s mother and sister want to go.

Later in the interview, Cooper and DeGeneres discuss the actor’s fashion choices when going to an official White House state dinner. It turns out that, when preparing for a role that requires weight-gain, tuxedos don’t always fit so well. Cooper’s solution? No underwear.

That must have been rather awkward. Keep this in mind, people: Always wear underwear.

Posted by:Laurel Brown