Ellen DeGeneres is known for pranking the guests on her show, but this time it went the other way around. When Bradley Cooper came on to promote his film “Silver Linings Playbook,” he revealed the “real” reason why he had never gotten shirtless in front of her before.

“Do you remember last time when you asked me to take my shirt off?” Cooper asked DeGeneres. “I remember thinking, I don’t know if I should reveal this much about myself. … I’ll show you why actually.”

His big reveal: A third nipple. And not just a third, but a fourth on his arm and a fifth on his leg. “You have three nipples?” DeGeneres responded in surprise. “What is this, show and tell right now? What else do you have?” Apparently a great sense of humor, because he definitely had the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host going for a little while.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz