“Inside the Actors Studio” takes a bunch of hopeful young students and exposes them to the biggest names in Hollywood. Do any of them ever make it? Despite Louis C.K.’s opinion that they don’t, Bradley Cooper has proven him wrong.

And there is a video — beautifully edited to include a smackdown from “American Hustle” — to prove it.

In a 2008 radio interview between Louis C.K. and Stephen Merchant, the comedian pointed out that those eager students asking questions of luminaries like Sean Penn are never seen again. He talks about how he just wants to tell the young hopefuls to give up now.

It’s a good thing he never said that to a young Cooper back in 1999. When Penn paused to answer questions from the audience, Cooper comes up with a question about reprising an earlier role.

Fast-forward 15 years and Cooper is a huge movie star, a regular on sexiest-man-alive lists and an Oscar nominee. Even if the rest of that audience never made it, this is a pretty obvious piece of evidence to refute Louis C.K.’s theory.

Now, thanks to “American Hustle,” Cooper can even get his revenge. A clip from the Academy Award nominee shows Cooper’s character bursting into a room to celebrate. Louis C.K.’s character, meanwhile, sits in a chair and glares — before getting a spanking and stalking out.

Apparently Cooper gets the last laugh on this one.

Posted by:Laurel Brown