tabatha coffey on her plastic surgery life and style bravo Bravo's Tabatha Coffey: The botched plastic surgery that nearly killed her

Even though we know her now as Bravo’s straight-talking, no nonsense, hug-phobic star of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” Tabatha Coffey speaks very sensitively now about the breast enlargement surgery that almost took her life two decades ago, which she writes about in her new memoir, “It’s Not Really About The Hair.”
“I don’t regret it,” Coffey, 41, says in an exclusive interview with Life & Style magazine. “Because it was such a great learning experience for me, but it was a hell of a lesson to learn.”
Coffey’s painful ordeal started in 1992 when she went in for surgery to enlarge her breasts from a B to a D-cup. During the surgery, her doctor nicked an artery which ruptured four days later, causing internal bleeding. Her surgeon operated to fix the bleeding, but then reinserted her breast implants instead of using fresh ones and caused an infection.
The then 21-year-old had the implants removed, but she still had to wear a catheter bag for three months to drain the infection. After that horrific experience, Coffey says she can now look back on how the near-death experience taught her some valuable lessons.

“I can re-evaluate the fact that those boobs were never going to make me perfect,” she says. “It was life-changing in the way that I look at things, especially my own body image. It was a good lesson to learn: to accept me as me.”  
For more from Coffey’s interview with Life & Style magazine, pick up the current issue on stands now.

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