During a concert on July 6 in the Brazilian city of Campinas, 20-year-old up-and-coming funk musician Daniel Pellegrine was shot by an unknown gunman. He was pronounced dead after being brought to a nearby hospital.

Gawker reports that shooting happened in a government building where Pellegrine, known to fans as MC Daleste, was performing. The single bullet wound he suffered was enough to kill him. Police aren’t yet revealing whether the shooter was caught.

Pellegrine’s last two tweets were about whether or not dogs are actually barking, “I love you,” and encouraging fans to follow his Facebook page. Following his death, a tweet was posted that translates to, “They are not worried, Thanks to god he is strong and god and his mother that ta in heaven is praying for him thank you!! Faith in god!!”

A fan caught the horrifying incident on video. It can be watched on Gawker, but be warned it’s graphic and NSFW.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz