breaking amish new cast devon lizzie iva betsy matthew tlc 'Breaking Amish': Meet the new cast heading to Los Angeles

“Breaking Amish,” the TLC reality series that follows a group of Amish and Mennonite men and women as they explore the outside world, will return this summer with new episodes and a new cast. There will even be a new city for the young people to explore: Los Angeles will take the place of New York City.

As was the case in the previous season, viewers can expect to see a great deal of soul-searching and partying as part of the process by which these young men and women determine whether or not to return home. has announced the cast names for the upcoming season:

Betsy — A 21-year-old woman from Ohio, Betsy was adopted into an Amish household as a baby. She recently married an Amish man but has struggles being a member of the community. Betsy has tried to live outside of the faith before.

Devon — Long conflicted about the Amish lifestyle, 21-year-old Devon from Indiana wants to find clarity during his time in Los Angeles.

Iva — This 19-year-old woman from Pennsylvania is the child of divorce — her father left the Amish community when she was young. Iva has left her home before, but she hasn’t been able to make it work.

Lizzie — Although she has never been able to fit in with the “English” before, 21-year-old Lizzie from Pennsylvania is hiding a secret from her family. She may need to leave them to find her new path.

Matt — Also from Pennsylvania, this 24 year old from a Mennonite community has seen two of his siblings already leave. Matt wants to pursue his interest in fashion design and might have to follow them to do so.

The new season of “Breaking Amish” premieres Sunday, July 21 at 10pm on TLC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown